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It's In Your DNA

Genetics Determine how your body works. Stop guessing, get fit, lose weight, take our DNA fitness test today.

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Genetics Determine how your body works. Stop guessing, get fit, lose weight, take our DNA fitness test today.


Genotype Molecular Testing Labs

genotype and genetic testing for fitness goalsMy DNA Fitness Test can help you maximize your fitness and health goals. Our detailed report will give you the personalized results you need to enhance your life. Our goal is to help you eat and train smarter with the ultimate goal of making your life happier and healthier. When you take your My DNA Fitness Test, you can expect to learn how to optimize your:

  • Aerobic Potential
  • Muscle Performance
  • Weight Regain after Dieting
  • Dopamine and Food Reward
  • Caffeine Metabolism
  • Folate and MTHFR

Our results are a unique, personalized analysis of your genetic makeup that allows you to understand how your body reacts to certain diet and exercise regimens in order to find the best routine for your body.


DNA Fitness Testing For Athletes

My DNA Fitness Test is used and recommended by athletes, coaches, and elite college programs all across the country including Gonzaga and Boise State. Our athletic genetic testing program helps you reach your potential whether you are a youngster with Olympic dreams, a high school athlete trying to take your game to the next level, or a college athlete seeking an edge on your competition. Our customized training program has the ability to tell you improve your strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance training based specifically on your unique DNA test and genetic makeup.dna testing for athletes in sports

In addition to analyzing your athletic DNA test results, our trainers create an individual game plan designed to increase all aspects of your physical performance. Specifically we focus on increasing your strength, flexibility, and endurance which leads to improved productivity and reduces the possibility of injury.

We realize that how you eat is just as important as how you train. That is why our DNA fitness test also includes guidance and nutrition strategies aimed at improving performance and educating you on how your dietary decisions impact your game. DNA sports nutrition is critical to finding the perfect balance between what you should be eating off the field and how you are performing on it.

We also offer DNA Fitness Testing options for teams. Coaches all around the country have begun using DNA fitness testing for their teams in order to make sure they are getting the most out of their players. Boise State and Gonzaga University have partnered with our DNA Fitness testing service and are already seeing the results. Call today to see how you and your team can benefit from getting your DNA tested.


DNA Diet and Nutrition Testing

We are at the forefront of DNA and genetic fitness and nutrition testing. Our genotype test kits have the ability to transform the way you eat and exercise. As a result of genetics, different people experience vastly different results from doing the same exercise.

find a healthier you weigh loss and nutrition from dna testingWe have the ability to tell you which exercises will benefit you the most so you can focus on maximizing the time you spend working out. You will find out if your body has a genotype that reacts better to resistance training or more high intensity, duration training.

We can tell you if you have a genotype associated with a higher risk of regaining weight that was lost during a diet. See where you fall on the scale of susceptibility to delayed onset muscle soreness. Some people are far more likely to experience this delayed soreness after a high intensity, resistance style workout.

Our DNA nutrition test will tell you what your genetics say about your likeliness to eat impulsively and over consume ‘guilty pleasure’ foods. Your genetics also control your satiety levels (your sensation to fullness) which can affect how much you eat when your body is already full.

Learn how to eat and train most efficiently for your genotype.


Business and Corporate Wellness

My DNA Fitness Test partners with employers of Fortune 500 companies, helping them achieve their corporate wellness goals. Wellness and health programs are an important aspect of any company. Making sure employees know how to take care of themselves can have a huge impact on employee engagement, satisfaction, health, and performance.excercise your best with dna molecular testing

Help your employees perform at an optimal level with My DNA Fitness Test by evaluating your goals and assessing your process. You can ask the following questions to see if our fitness test is right for your company:

  • Is your current program delivering personalized plans and results for employees?
  • Are employees improving their health and well-being?
  • Are you providing the opportunity for employees to take ownership of their health?

Our DNA test for businesses can provide customized diet and exercise information for all your employees to make sure everyone is working toward their fitness goals. Giving your team of employees a genotype test will show that the organization values employee health and well-being.


Our DNA Testing Process

weight loss and nutrition based on your dnaReceiving the road map to your wellness and fitness goals is as easy as a swab of the cheek. Our state-of-the-art technology unravels your body’s genetic code and uses years of research and data to create a fitness and wellness plan that is specifically designed for your needs.

Our DNA creates who we are and regulates how our bodies react to different types of movement, activity, and nutrients. By taking this test you will learn how to optimize your fitness and nutrition routine in order to make the most of your own genetic makeup.




Our results give you actionable insights that tell you the best way to optimize your fitness and nutrition habits. You will learn how to:

  • Teach your body to burn fat
  • Maintain weight loss after a diet
  • Improve your recovery time
  • Leverage impulsive decision making
  • Stop eating when you are full

Get Your DNA Fitness Test Results

Getting your results is fast and easy. After you order your My DNA Fitness Test, we send you a collection kit with 4 cotton swabs. Collect your sample, send it back to our lab in a pre-paid envelope. From there, we will process your results and you will receive an email with a link to your results. We will also send you a hard copy for you to keep and show your friends and family.